Plato’s Euthyphro

This is a frustrating dialogue, because Euthyphro throws in the towel
Before Socrates has properly interrogated him (technically, a foul).

Socrates does not understand the Homeric account of the gods.
That disagreements should arise among them is not particularly odd;

The essential mission of Aryan gods is eternal war against Entropy,
Decreasing the amount of which in the cosmos is true definition of piety.

In this the gods are as one, and what is loved by them all is pious;
They follow an imperative beyond themselves, in spite of Socrates’ bias.

The gods follow the ultimate good (that they love it is one of its attributes,
But not however its essence), else sans meaning would be their attitudes.

There is no ‘Euthyphro dilemma’, for you see both gods and men
Follow something higher (call it ‘good’), whose essence is beyond them.

We help the gods to help the good, not the other way around;
This dialogue will clarify that – frustrating, yet profound.