Twin Peaks finale

It seems the evil was emanating from a great negative force called ‘Judy’ or ‘Ju-dai’…

 Lynch knows.


Hippy Fash

As my forthcoming book is about an olde hippy who gets brutally redpilled then goes on a rampage, it might be seemly to post a video by a retro-psych band who were recently kicked off their record label (which also seized their royalties – theft!) for expressing some pretty mild (AltLite-tier) anti-feminist views.

Pretty good actually, sounds like what I imagine Stereolab would sound like if they used guitars:

Article about the ‘controversy’ here:

The band’s website if you wish to support them:

New Twin Peaks

The good Cooper/bad Cooper doppelganger situation is a magic mirror of the good (nationalist) Trump/bad (Zionist) Trump affair…with good Cooper even manifesting in a skyscraper in New York owned by an unnamed billionaire. Surely I’m not the only one on the Alt-Right to notice this?

I don’t know if Lynch intended it or if he is Zeitgeist-chanelling (antenna of the race). In any case, it will be interesting to see how this perilous work of art unfolds.