Hippy Fash

As my forthcoming book is about an olde hippy who gets brutally redpilled then goes on a rampage, it might be seemly to post a video by a retro-psych band who were recently kicked off their record label (which also seized their royalties – theft!) for expressing some pretty mild (AltLite-tier) anti-feminist views.

Pretty good actually, sounds like what I imagine Stereolab would sound like if they used guitars:

Article about the ‘controversy’ here:

The band’s website if you wish to support them:

On D.H. Lawrence’s ‘The Rainbow’

Was woman made of man, or man of woman?
Is life numinous or are we mere automaton?

If the latter, then what keeps the ‘forces’ unified?
So, no, it’s consummation: Being multiplied

Infinite times, so oneness with the infinite.
These are the themes ‘The Rainbow’ holds within it…

Ursula’s mental independence, elicited,
Makes her reject her pervert teacher Winifred,

As well as the women’s movement, brought to life
Solely by men’s weakness. Yet no wife,

She can’t find a man who’s free of stale bureaucracy;
And so she grows to bitterly hate democracy.

The World Turned On Its Head…

With inexpressible irony, the vile hag that calls itself Gillian Triggs has been given an award for ‘Free Speech’ called the Voltaire Award. This worthless slut has done more to shut down free speech in Australia than any other public figure, and under its watch Voltaire himself would now be languishing in a prison cell due his ‘anti-Semitic’ writings…

We truly live in times that are beyond satire.

I really can’t wait until the day these left-wing traitor whores are put in labour camps.