A leftist feels the chill hand of doom


Relax, it’s just the chill hand of doom 🙂


Kulturkampf II: ‘Kill All Normies’

An interesting review of a new book on the Alt-Right by a left-wing journalist, with the somewhat provocative title ‘Kill All Normies’:


One weird and striking thing that emerges in the review is the book author’s view that the Alt-Right’s “vision of the future […] would necessitate violence”.

No, really, that’s too much, Miss lefty female journalist…whose worldview made the world more violent? How many came to our side after Rotherham? After jihadist bombings? After ethnic rape gangs? Beatings? Stabbings? Muggings?

There is plenty more violence on the way, undoubtedly…but we are not the ones who initiated it. Never forget that.