Desperate tactics from anti-WN

A while back Žižek posted this video claiming the Left could somehow regain credibility by lightening up and making the occasional racist joke:

That appears to be the exact tactic infiltrator Milo is following, and unfortunately seems to have fooled people into thinking he is “one of us”.

He isn’t, and also appears to be some kind of scam artist:



SJWS and Permaculture

Even the mellow Permaculture crowd grow tired of SJW filth!

A recent article in ‘Permaculture News’, the most popular Permaculture website, informs us that:

“[SJWs] have already started making their presence felt at the fringes of the Permaculture world and it’s nothing but bad news for all concerned.”

“Their motivation for their actions are described as ‘virtue signalling’, the act of promoting certain viewpoints that are valued within their social group in order to enhance the social standing.”

The author also advises that:

“If an [SJW] entryist who is hijacking a community group cannot be removed for whatever reason, a viable strategy is to simply dissolve the group, reform a new one and invite only the preferred members to join.

Here is the full article:

Entryism as a Threat to Stable Communities

‘Five Out of Ten Prefer Misogyny’

Tasmanian writer James McLachlan has written a novel satirising feminism, which is recommended for anyone who needs red-pilling:,204,203,200_.jpg

McLachlan is also the author of A Black Metal Ghost Story: