The World Turned On Its Head…

With inexpressible irony, the vile hag that calls itself Gillian Triggs has been given an award for ‘Free Speech’ called the Voltaire Award. This worthless slut has done more to shut down free speech in Australia than any other public figure, and under its watch Voltaire himself would now be languishing in a prison cell due his ‘anti-Semitic’ writings…

We truly live in times that are beyond satire.

I really can’t wait until the day these left-wing traitor whores are put in labour camps.


SJWS and Permaculture

Even the mellow Permaculture crowd grow tired of SJW filth!

A recent article in ‘Permaculture News’, the most popular Permaculture website, informs us that:

“[SJWs] have already started making their presence felt at the fringes of the Permaculture world and it’s nothing but bad news for all concerned.”

“Their motivation for their actions are described as ‘virtue signalling’, the act of promoting certain viewpoints that are valued within their social group in order to enhance the social standing.”

The author also advises that:

“If an [SJW] entryist who is hijacking a community group cannot be removed for whatever reason, a viable strategy is to simply dissolve the group, reform a new one and invite only the preferred members to join.

Here is the full article:

Entryism as a Threat to Stable Communities